terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

make the right decision , because is my life's future you are deciding

almost three years , and everything stopped happening . what's going ? just tell me , why the fuck have you done this ? don't you think my lifes is ruined the necessary ? why should i care about this ? this time it's not me who is gonna solve the thing , make sure you know this . i won't solve anything , that has been my function since our first fight , put everything right , but i can tell you that this time , if you don't regret , it's not me who's gonna regret .
why would i solve something that is usual for me ? i don't need something new to make the pain bigger , because that's enough ! i would like to inform you that my life depended on you during so much time , my humor , my happiness , my smile , mostly everything was depending on your action . now that's over . you don't care , why should i ? you may know me , so if you do , make something that agrees with the way i am , and you're not doing that .
so i hope i don't see you soon , i really hope , because things are over . they have been over for so long , i was just covering that . and yes , i can say everything and much more . i just want to say that you still mean everything to me and i still love you , so i hope you don't dare to get out of my life , but it's your decision

one week

something about this place ,

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