sábado, 19 de novembro de 2011

both blurs

i guess we never loose the people . we spend some time together with someone and then this person start to move away from us . this doesn't necessarily mean that we are loosing someone .
imagine , you and someone are so close that you can't be one single day without talking with each other . but then , this person is too busy to text or call you one day . it starts to be an habit . you talk like one day in one week with each other . it doesn't mean that you're loosing this person .
i guess .. our mind make us think that this is too big , and make it bigger and worse and it becomes horrible and unbearable and you want to give up . it's too hard to give up , so we keep fighting , even when there are no more reasons for that . i don't believe that a person with who you used to be really close , forget you like that without missing you . i really don't believe that this person will be at home doing nothing and don't feel the need to talk with you . even if it's for a second , this person will remember you . i think ..

barely believe ,

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