terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

i hoped you'd see my face

now i understand . sometimes we just want someone so much that you can't understand why they don't want you the same way .
once they have your heart , everything is decided . you can't stop thinking about them , all you say is allowed to describe this person too , all you want is this person to hug you , all you wish is that they love you too .
when everybody tell you they feel the same way that you feel , you start to believe , and you tell this person what you feel . this person seem to doesn't care about it , and the next day it's awkward . specially if you see this person everyday and use to talk to this person . you think this person is going to ignore you so you have to find a way to protect yourself from it . but this person is not that stupid you thought and don't ignore you . this moment you realise that even if this person doesn't what you to be his girlfriend , you still have the chance to be his friend . who knows if one day you won't become something bigger ?
it's better to be happy for what you have now , because one day you can loose it and then you won't get the chance to have it back . a hug can be better than nothing , isn't it ?

good girl gone bad ,

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