domingo, 6 de novembro de 2011

put your head into a Nutella bottle and see yourself getting bigger

now i'm gonna talk to everybody that have ever told me that Gaga is sucks .
who the hell do you think you are to say that she's ugly ? you're not even better !
why the fuck do you wish she was dead ? come on , set your priorities . is that one of you priorities to wish she was dead ? ow , i never thought your life was so boring !
i don't care if you like her or not ! she is one of the reasons why i keep smiling everyday . and let's be serious , who is the idiot that wish someone's life was dead ?
and tomorrow you may come to me and say that you never meant it , but you said it . i don't feel really influenced by your opinion , because i'm still love her as much as i've ever done .
i still like all the people that say shit about Gaga , you just loose a little bit of my respect everytime you say this kind of things .
if i care about what you say ? how about no ?
but anyway , stop saying shit about her , one day i'll scream with you ! seriously .

screw ,

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