terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2011

yesterday i wrote a letter . a letter that i will never send to the person it is adressed to . a letter that says everything i've ever wanted to say . a letter that i would want to send if i wasn't so ashamed . which letter i hid from everybody somewhere in my bedroom so my parents can't find it . the letter was wrote in english , so my granny can't read it if she find it while cleaning my room . the letter tells you everything i will never tell anyone , not that way . the letter describes my life inside my head through this past two years since everything happened . it shows all my weakness and what i resort to when i'm too much weak . it talks about my promises and my desire to do something i can't talk about . it shows the big storm that is in my mind everytime i cross the street and i'm afraid to see you . it shows everything people need to make me cry . it is the biggest truth i ever wrote because it all depends on you . i'm writing this right now because i hope you read it and realise that i'm talking to you here . it's all about what you're thinking , yes .

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