quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

come as you are

no matter how many times you repeat that you her back , she won't come back .
she's not yours anymore , now she doesn't even care about you .
you can be dying and suffering and everything , she doesn't fucking cares .
even if you're turning into a big well known superstar , she doesn't give a fuck .
she can walk by your side for chance , but she won't look in your eyes .
maybe you were friends , best friends or even had a realtionship , now it doesn't matter .
she may said you deserve a second chance , but she didn't really meant it
probabily she replys "me too" when you say "i love you" , but saying "me too" doesn't mean she loves you too .
she doen't miss you at all ! get over it , you won't get het back !
i'm sorry , i know what it is but if you forget her it will be way much easier ..
it's not because you're crying that she's gonna come back ! she won't even notice how hurted you are !
if once she said forever , she was lying !
FORGET ! she's overdated .

douchebag ,

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