domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

give me your eyes Zooey !

can i break the promise now ? cause you're not here anymore and it's not worth keeping a promise when none of us is fighting for it to work out . i want to keep it and make it work , but you didn't care when i promised it for you . you forgot what i said , you forgot that i said i wouldn't break it because i promised for you . and if you know me so well like you say , you should know how important it was for me . how important you are for me . but nevermind , i'm gonna keep it . i'm gonna keep the promise just because i promised for you and i swore i wouldn't break it . when the promise is fulfilled , i hope you text me "i'm proud of you" . in fact , i'm not hoping you to text me anything , but .. you won't be proud because for you it was just a promise . i'll be proud of myself for you . i wish the best for you and i also hope you don't do to anybody what you did to me . thanks for have been part of my life .

you were there ,

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