quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

kkkkk for you too

1. You are my beautiful past .
2. Lady Gaga
3. The last time i fell from my bike
4. 21 Guns , because it was the song of these time 
5. Around 350 (this is from tumblr)
6. Because i was weak
7. My crush
8. Every single day i write a marathon of thoughts
9. It's not love , it's atraction
10. Forever alone
11. When he was jealous of a little boy because i asked him if he wanted a kiss
12. 2010's ? My "best friend"
13. Lady Gaga , Cameron Diaz , Adele , my "best friend" , the boys from tumblr
14. I don't have an "Itunes library" , but in my phone playlist they are Skyscraper , Love on Top , Marry the Night , The Story and What Do You Got ?
15. So many ones ..
16. My crush , because lately he is treating me like i'm anyone else
17. Any night i was awake till late talking on the phone
18. I would go back to two years ago and i would do everything diferently so i could make it last
19. First i don't usually get drunk , then i'm too young to walk outside while drunk . I would probably hit someone in the face .
20. My "best friend" . She changed everything since the first conversation .

like i'm made of paper ,

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