sexta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2011

you peed your pants ?

- Your sister arrived ! - her mom screams .
- Come here ! - she screams to her sister .
Her sister is 4 or 5 years younger than her .
- Come here darling .
- Hey , i missed you !
- Oh .. Have a sit , i have something to tell you .
- What ?
- Well , i know you're quite young for ear what i have to tell you , but anyway .. People are stupid . People closest to you can hurt you . Maybe you think these or these person is someone you can trust no matter what , but probably they're not . Some people get close to you just because they want something . Others just remember you exist when they need your help . Not this friends you have in your school now , i'm not talking about you best friend or you sweet little boyfriend . I'm generalizing . With the time , people become rude and cold . I know you have a lot of friends in you school , but out there people are very very stupid . They will judge you because of your appearance , because you're a little oversized , because you're hair is this way , because your voice is too loud , because you can't run as fast as these girl , everything ! They will always find a way to judge you ! They will creat rumors about you , they will make jokes about you . You have to look through what they say , you have to ignore them ! You can't be like them because you're unique ! When they say something like that you won't go to your room cry yourself to sleep , you'll tell them "Shut up bitch , i'm limited edition !" . And if someone gets too close to you , don't trust them just because they told you one secret , you don't know if they're lying ! Get to know this person , just then you can trust her . And if she's too important to you don't ever let her go , never ! You don't want to feel what it hurts to lose someone , trust me . And when you feel like noone cares about you , remember that i'm always here for you . I hope you don't forget this coversation , because one day you'll understand .
She kissed her sister's forehead .

i want to marry Katherine Heigl ,

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