segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2012

You go back to her and i go back to black

If i'm mad , maybe i have a reason .
Now think twice .
I let you in , i made a bed so you could sleep calmly , i brought you a confortable couch and bought you a tv so you could watch movies inside , i gave you my heart so you could carry it and keep it save in your house , i told you how much you meant to me , then i gave you a knife and you sliced my heart . You came in , you shooted the walls i made to your confortable house , you kicked my heart instead of holding it in your arms .
Now seriously , you destroyed me . You hurted me , you made me suffer , you made me unhappy , you made me feel empty , you walked away . You know what you did and you still don't care ! YOU DESTROYED ME ! Yes , i blame you for feeling unhappy because you're the reason why i can't move on . Yes , i'm talking to you . Yes , it's just you who can make me happy again . Yes , i'm indirectly teeling you how much i need you . Go be mad away from me , because you have no reasons to be mad . I do , you don't . Don't say it's my fault because it's yours . I'm so sorry you're so selfish you can't realise how much you hurted me . I'm so sad you're happy now with another person . I'm sorry i was not perfect enough , but you made me even more imperfect than i already was by pulling my happiness away . I may not talk about it , but i didn't forget it . It keeps reminding me how weak i am . It's your fault !

I'm an unfinished paiting and as the artist of this paiting , you must fill in all the ugly wholes and make them beautiful again , 

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