quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

you should disappear

i don't really think about you. a few weeks ago i was confused . now i understand . this all time i was thinking that i loved you , but in the reality i was in love with another . i was blind this all time . i tought for a while , you were so special to me . or well , i thought so . i lived in an ilusion because somebody made me believe that i was in love with you , but i wasn't . in my heart , somewhere in my heart , he reigned everything . he reigned my head , my heart and my entire body . he commanded my actions and thoughts , i was locked . he didn't felt anything by me . devil-may-cares . now i know , i like him . more then just a friendship , but not enough to a relationship . he is important . i told him and he doesn't cares about me . ignorance . but i'm still in love with the letter D .

Judas videoclip is here ! i haven't seen it yet , tomorrow . not now .

bryan loves you ,

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