quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2011

only yesterday was the time of our lives

no , i'm not used to take care of nobody . i learned how to fall without hurting too much . i know how to put someone down . i know how to hide feelings even when it's too hard to support . i know how to have a big smile when the desire it's to cry . i learned how to live without the words "i love you" . i told myself that was enough . i learned to wait instead act . i needed to fight and never ever giving up on what i truly want . but how to take care of someone i've never learned . because it's not a function of a one single person when the point is a friendship . i've never thought it could turns to what it was , and it's not in the Point yet , but it's a beggining . i just don't want to launch fireworks too early because i want it to last and to get better . it's just my biggest wish right now ..

voltei sim ,


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