sexta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2011

i love her , and i'm not the only one

seriously , i do not give a fuck what you think . i love Gaga , i like boobs and asses . i put Gaga in everything i do . i glue a Lady Gaga pictures in my ev portfolio . i listen you saying Gaga is a shit and i keep myself really calm to what you're saying . i don't give a fuck . you can say i'm stupid because i love Lady Gaga , call her drugded , say she's a mess , a crap and everything you want . i seriously don't wanna know , i'm in love with Gaga , no matter if she's bi , blonde or wear high heels . she is my idol , i'm obsessed with all her songs , i love her blue wigs , her eyeliner , her tattoos , i love her fails , i love when she express her love for us monsters . and i'm gonna repeat , I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK . I LOVE LADY GAGA , HER BOOBS AND HER ASS , IT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE JUST CAUSE YOU SAY SHE'S A CRAP . TRUST ME , WHEN I SAY "I LOVE" , I REALLY MEAN IT . WHEN I PROMISE I'M USED TO KEEP IT , AND I'M PROMISING SHE'S GONNA BE MY LOVE FOR YEARS . say whatever you want , Gaga is my way of perfection ! Gaga is my way to be me , just deal with it !

shut up when i say "Gaga" ,

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