quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2011

throw in your back

to forget , we just need to put out of our way . just don't give up , don't stop raising your arms . keep strong , believe in love , prefer friendships and do not create expectations . we can't miss something that doesn't exist , isn't it ? we can't look forward for something which had already cut roots before it starts growing . we can't keep the faith when there passed years after the last moment , after the last true moment . we can't say hello years after . we can't look at it and feel like it's so present . we can't hold the past behind . we can't hide the truth in eyes . we can't throw us in the window , so we must keep strong . we must keep calm , we need to look through the bad ass that built house in our life . we need that , we can .

you've dropped my hand , just let my heart go too ,

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