sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

- do you like me ?
- do you have candy ?
- no 
- so no
- but why ? i'll buy you some candy !
- are you going to buy me candy , like me for a couple of weeks and then move away ?
- no , i'll be here for you .
- is that a promise ?
- yes it is
- oh darling , don't promise me anything .. i know you'll break it
- what do you want me to do ?
- i want you to give me reasons for trust you , and want you to stay by my side and support me even when i'm wrong , i want you to sing for me in Valentine's Day , i want you to bring me flowers , i want you to hug me tight , i want to fall asleep in your lap , i want to wake up and have a text message from you , i want you to look up for me , i want you to think of me before you make a decision , i want you to love me for who i am .
- i'll do it , and you know why ?
- tell me
- because i love you more than the number of the rings of saturn , i love you more than the size of the moon and i love you 
- prove it
he grabs her hand and kisses her mouth
- was that enough ?
- absolutely

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