quinta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2011

it's my right to be happy or isn't it ?

yes , i know i overeact a loooooot ! but it's for a good reason , don't you want me to be true ? so that's who i am , i'm an exaggerated bitch . for me , there's no light in the end of the tunnel unless i can see it . i'm a hypocrite , i tell people to be positive but i'm the worse example of what i say . everything i say , every advice i give is exactly what i wish i could do . i'm the listener while you're the speaker , and you don't even realise how hard it is to me to listen to your problems and give you the right advice when i'm in trouble too .
it's an unexpected way to act . it's the action of the moment . if you're brave probabily you did the right thing , but if you're not , you're losing the chance to be happy . it depends on your bravery and temperament if you'll be happy or not . come on , risk it ! you have nothing left to lose ! you'll feel way much better after you risk it all and realise it was not vain . you're better than you think , just let your bravery take the right place in your life . it's an advice .

slow it down and bring it home ,

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