sábado, 7 de janeiro de 2012

and i know , i may end up failing too

babe , you don't need to talk to me like it was my mistake , because it for sure was not . you failed and now you can't admit it . you knew what you were doing , you just did it because you wanted to . lying is easier , but it's not lying that you prove that you're strong , and you keep saying you are . i don't fucking care if you suffered  or if you're hurted because the pain i once felt was caused by you and you didn't even want to know .
you're just like me , someone hurted by someone . you're nothing different , so why do you think you're better?
looking to the right in the street is just tot painful because in the past in that place there was you and me , together . and i made a mistake , i tryied to be what you wanted me to be . i changed because of you and now i'm weak . my mind is full of our past and everything revolves around it . i could try to change it , but it wouldn't be enough , it never is . the irreplaceable you .

but you were just like me with someone disappointed in you , 

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