segunda-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2012

spinning around you

for what does it matters if you have a lot of expensive and beautiful clother if your crush doesn't even notice you ?
for what do you need an expensive and sophisticated cell phone if no one calls you ?
for what do you go to the hairdesser if everybody ignore you ?
for what do you buy make up if it can't make you more beautiful ? why do you even wear it ?
why the fuck do people think that rich is better if there are rich people being ignored by the ones they love and more poor people having a significant other that , at least , cares about them ?
why do rich people cry for attention ? why do rich people consider themselves superior ? just tell me why .
they have every material thing they want , but even like that they can't be happy . envy ?

everything that you thought i would be is falling apart right in front of you .
i've never been perfect , but neither have you .

no one will listen , because no one else care .
all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well .
i can't be who you are .
sometimes beginnings aren't so simple , sometimes goodbye's the only way .
in the shadow of the day , we'll embrace the world in grey .

Linkin Park ,

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