quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

don't you dare to touch her again , i'll break you finger one by one if so

have you ever planed a giant moment in your head , where everything goes well , you're happy , you arrive home so happy that you can't stop smiling and laughing , you go to bed like you're going to wake up in the clouds and everything goes exactly the opposite you imagined and stupidly wrong ? you know why ? because you planed a perfect moment with the person you wanted it to happen . you planed it with someone with the same name and the same appearance but with a complete different mind . in your plan , this person would be sweet and would cuddle and everything . you imagine this date with the person who is perfect in your mind , but in reality the person is just sucks and screws everything up . then you fall apart , because you're hopeless again .

i want you both to die with a bullet in your miserable hearts ,

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