domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

"Paradise ? Paradise can go fuck itself !"

so now you don't care ? yeah , that's very cool , when people need you to care you just don't . when i need you to care , you slip away . i mean , have you ever cared before ? is that the way you are ? because i never knew you this way , but okay .
let's make a deal , you don't care , i don't give a shit . okay ?
i'm gonna be like this now . look , it's you who is losing ! i love you and you simply ignore me ? it's not fair , so let's make it work for both of us . you don't care hun ? okay , i don't give a damn shit about you if so .
it may hurt , it my be tough but i will support it until you fucking care .but if you never start to care , you can be sure that you lost someone like you never had or will never have . it's hard ? well , for me it is too and i don't have the chance to reclaim . get over yourself , you're nothing special to me .

you're just my world ,

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