quinta-feira, 21 de junho de 2012

Love is either your bestfriend or your worse enemy

When you fall in love everything changes . The way you see the world changes , the way you deal with situations changes , your humor changes , your life starts to change .
You start to feel wanted , you change . You want to be a better person , you start to improve yourself , your image , your soul , your attitude . You change .
You feel better , you feel happy , complete . And you start to see the beauty in life , the reason to smile , you start to love yourself .
It changes you , love changes your life .
And then you realise that you can't stop thinking about that one person , you see butterflies , the blue sky seems to shine , the sun is finally yellow and the birds sound just like in the movies . Your life is better now .
And those little moments mean the world , every "I love you" feels like you're flying and the sad love songs don't follow you everywhere anymore .
Instead , a smile replaces the tears . Happiness replaces sadness .
I feel complete , I am happy and I want this to last forever .

love found me ,

*peço desculpa de nao postar ha mais de um mês mas a imaginaçao e o tempo têm faltado e como foi agora os exames . sorry

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